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Do you need more leads? Whitepapers work!

Do you need more leads?

Whitepapers generate traffic and leads.

Are you closing enough clients?

Case studies are great ways to calm prospect’s fears.

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We provide several services:

Whitepaper projects

Need to close those leads? I s your job on the line because you’re falling behind on lead generation? Maybe a whitepaper is an answer. If your competitors are using whitepapers to talk about their products, you probably should be as well.  Here’s a sample:

Make Your Brand POP!


I’ve spent many years in the IT and software development space. Contact me and we’ll see if a whitepaper can help.

Need an idea of the cost? Whitepaper pricing.

Case Studies

Customer case studies are a great way to convince potential clients to join you as a customer. These are in-depth, stories about how a customer chooses your product, has implemented and is now reaping the benefits.

Do you have these available for your salespeople? If not, why not?

I love writing a good story. Contact me and we can discuss it.

Here’s a sample: WhenIWork Case Study

Need some idea of the cost? Case study pricing.

Content marketing projects

I can help organize and manage your content marketing projects – email newsletters, blog posts, and developing reports that you’ll give away for free with the submission of a web address.

I’ve guest posted on several blogs. Check out:

3 Steps to Handle Emergency Projects – Work Awesome blog

Do your projects end? Remember project basics – PMIMileHi Blog

Not another meeting! An alternative to weekly meetings – PMIMileHi Blog

The Revealing Truth about the Plan and the Schedule –, OnePager Blog

I also write the blog posts for Through the Lenz for the LENZ firm, an executive recruiting firm that specializes in manufacturing and mining executives. I’ve also been handling their social media and writing their email newsletters.

Project Management

Have you just purchased software that needs to be implemented? Does your company have documented processes so you are not at the mercy of one employee?

If you’re having trouble implementing software or you need processes developed, I can help.

Speaking to groups

Does your group need a speaker? I can talk about time management, productivity, and project management. My current talk is “Get More Grit! Five steps to developing perseverance.” Contact me for my current schedule.

We would love to include your template!

If you have a template that you would like to share with the community, send it on. We’ll give you credit for your great work and you’ll be helping others. It’s a win-win!

Want to become a project manager?

Take our survey and let us know what your most pressing question is about the process of becoming a project manager. Click here.

As a thank you, we’ll send you our free report: Secrets Revealed: How to get the project management experience you want.

Want to finish that project list?

If you’re interested in accomplishing more and finishing those projects, click here for our free tip sheet “Project Checklist and Resource Guide.” This step-by-step guide to finishing projects helps you get those important projects finished.


Featured Pages

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Free reports and templates

We would love to include your template! If you have a template that you would like to share with the community, send it on. We’ll give you credit for your great work and you’ll be helping others. It’s a win-win! Want to become a project manager? Take our survey and let us know what your most pressing question is about the process of becoming a […]

Need a speaker?

Maybe I can help! Would you and your group enjoy learning how to be more productive? My current talk is titled, “Get More Grit!” It’s about developing persistence to see projects and tasks through so that you can life your best and greatest life. The Colorado Professional Network in Lone Tree really enjoyed this talk last week – and your group can get in on […]

How to Finish Anything Course

I know it can be hard to finish projects in your home or business. Most of us aren’t trained in school or in life to organize, plan, and finish projects. We start something that we know is important – getting our will and estate planned or creating that marketing plan – and then never follow-up and get it done. Weekly, I create a video with […]

Get stuff done and move on…

Are you a small business owner that is just treading water? There are several projects you need to get started – that new marketing plan, next year’s strategic goals, implement that software that you bought last month. I’m an expert at managing projects – I’ve been doing it for 20 years for large corporations like Peoplesoft and Lockheed Martin. Now I’m offering to help you. […]

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Why I love Project Management.

Why I love Project Management.

In the day to day of life and work, we often don’t put much thought into what we’re doing and why we’re doing it. I want to pause for a moment to review why, exactly, I love project management. Projects End “Some things are better done than described.” ~ Hunt and Thomas For me, Operations tasks are a never-ending bore. Once I’ve mastered something, continuing […]

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How to Write a Problem Statement

How to Write a Problem Statement

Project management is all about solving problems and delivering results. When your manager comes to you with a project proposal, it’s because there’s a business issue that needs resolution. Part of the job of project manager is to define that problem so that it is solvable, then develop the plan, the schedules, and handle the deliverables. It all starts with the problem statement. As important […]

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How to Find Awesome Project Management Training

How to Find Awesome Project Management Training

“Help! I’ve just been assigned a project and don’t know where to start! Is there some training I can take that’s affordable?” Was this you at some point in your project management career? I think we’ve all been there at one time or another. Is there project management training out there that is affordable? Yes. Here are resources available for project managers to learn more […]

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Deb Schaffer, PMP

P14-fec17Deb Schaffer, PMP has over 10 years of project management experience with J.D. Edwards, the United States Department of Defense, and Lockheed Martin. A certified Six Sigma Black Belt, she has handled many different types of projects including software development, IT infrastructure, data warehouse, training and development, web development, and graphic design. She is an acknowledged expert in the project management process, and has mentored many aspiring project managers. Her blog posts are often featured on the PMI MileHi blog and she has guest-posted on Work Awesome – 3 steps to handling emergency projects.

She loves sharing her expertise with folks not familiar with project management. Check out her Project Checklist and Resource Guide.

I want the FREE cheat sheet!

Contact Deb to speak about project management, business process management, or just about how to finish what you start, or let go gracefully.

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