Whitepaper Pricing

Do your customers really understand your product or service? Whitepapers can help!

A whitepaper is an in-depth discussion of a problem and provides the solution. Use this tool to guide your customers through your funnel, encouraging them to ask for more information about your product.

Whitepaper Plan: $500

We start by working with our clients to develop a 2-page whitepaper plan. This plan includes:

Business goals
Sales cycle
List of SEO keywords
List of SMEs + reviewers
Sources of research
Any previous examples?

This document is the outline of the finished whitepaper. We’ll go over the plan, and you can decide whether you want to continue with the project. You can either work with us on your project or use the plan to request proposals. Once the fee for the plan is paid, work will commence.

Whitepaper Fee: $2500

If you go with our plan, we’ll credit you back the $500 you paid for the plan. A project plan will be developed and delivery dates established.

We’ll need $1200 upfront to begin work on the project with the remaining balance due upon final delivery.

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